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Review 52 - Simon Winter

Thank you so much for everything you have done
Simon Winter (Buyer)

Hey Darren, Thank you so much for everything you have done to help me realise a dream. Your professionalism, your communication, well everything really has been instrumental in making this happen for all of us in the chain, it would be right for me to personally meet with you and shake your hand and I will do so at the earliest opportunity on the 29th or thereafter if you are not available, again thanks mate! I have copied Scott into this note because I want him to know we have been on this journey together and that he should be aware of my gratitude in what you have done for me, both in terms of getting this over the line and in less fortunate times when the chips were down you have helped me keep the faith. I felt a connection with you, I know that there was emotion involved and you was jumping hurdles with me... and today you celebrate with me too. Thank you for the phone call and the conversation we just had, you sounded as excited as I did when I received the news today. I look forward to meeting you soon, brilliant mate. Scott, you and the team are great, and if you can see your way to giving Darren a nice hefty bonus for Xmas you’ll get no argument from me!

Review 51 - Jan Jenkins

Thank you
Jan Jenkins (Buyer)

The staff that I had reason to speak to were always polite and professional and I have no complaints with the service that you offer. Your customer service is spot on and receiving the delivery of flowers was the icing on the cake. I bought through your estate agent, but I sold with ‘another'. Home Estate Agents could certainly teach ‘them’ some customer service as I was very displeased with mine, despite they being a renowned name. Thank you again. I will certainly recommend you.

Review 50 - Paul McFadyen

Sale of my property
Paul McFadyen (Vendor)

I instructed Home of Leigh to sell my two bedroom flat in Westcliff following a previous agent being unable to secure an an acceptable offer the property. From the outset the difference in professionalism and experience of Home was marked. The sales team kept me updated, both before and after every viewing and provided relevant and meaningful feedback. I had two dedicated points of contact in the sales team whom I could contact with any queries. An acceptable offer was secured and the matter was then passed to Home’s in house sales progression team. The experience and enthusiasm demonstrated by the sales progression team ensured any enquiries raised by the buyer were handled swiftly and efficiently. I was kept updated throughout and any concerns I had as the sale progressed were addressed expeditiously and without incident. I have been involved in buying and selling property for over 15 years and can say without doubt that Home of Leigh are fortunate to have the most experienced and efficient sales progression team I have ever worked with .I cannot thank all the team at Home enough but would like to specifically mention Sue Kelly and particularly Jeanette Gilbert for the time and effort they devoted to securing a timely completion. Your experience was and is invaluable. Thank you Paul

Review 49 - Claire & Tony Noblet

Thank you Jeanette
Claire & Tony Noblet

Thank you very much for all your hard work throughout our sale. You worked really hard to chase solicitors and helped us with advice on the best things to do at various times. I am under no illusions that we only managed to complete last week because of your hard work.

Review 48 – Ricky and Jeanette

Our very best to you and your teams, we are so impressed with 'Home' in Thorpe Bay and in Leigh.
Ricky and Jeanette (Vendor)

Having bought and sold 10 houses over our lifetime I can honestly say this is the best service yet by a long way. The personal touch provided is a real challenge to the internet providers and in this you showed that nothing was too much trouble.

Review 47 - NF

Dream Home

I highly recommend Home of Leigh estate agents, it's definitely the best estate agent I ever dealt with and Danielle have helped me alot all through the process. I finally got my dream home with their help 😊 Thank you very much for everything. NF

Review 46 - Mortgage Broker

Thank you Danielle!
Mortgage Broker

Good afternoon, I just wanted to e-mail to say a huge thank you to Danielle for all her help in progressing the sale of Cliff Road to exchange (with completion for the 3rd of November). As brokers we sometimes really struggle to obtain information/updates from estate agents and solicitors, but every time I contacted Danielle she had a full update available (and was happy to take my call unlike some agents) Danielle also liaised with the agents and solicitors in the chain below as they were not very forthcoming with updates to me and always called me when she had an update I know that my clients also appreciate all of her help throughout their purchase, and the service received highlighted how poor the service was from the agents they sold through Thank you again!! Kind regards

Review 45 - Thank you

We would both like to thank Jeanette and team.
Thank you (Vendor)

It's been a long year but we can relax now its Sold.time to enjoy our new pad wishing you all the best brill service.

Review 44 - Tony & Georgette

Selling of a property.
Tony & Georgette (Vendor)

Once again great The staff upstairs worked tirelessly chasing other vendors & purchasers in the chain as well solicitor This is our 3rd property that either bought or sold through Home. Weldone all keep it up 👍🏼

Review 43 - DanandHev

Amazing team!!
DanandHev (Buyer)

Jeanette is an absolute star and the team at Home have helped keep me sane! It has been a very tricky transaction with 10 properties involved in a complex chain and even though I am not a home customer (I am involved further in the chain) I would reccomend home before any other agent now thanks to Jeanette, Terri and Sue. Between the 3 of them at Home they have made the overall transaction a whole lot easier! Thank you!!

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